Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Okay everyone, I have gotten behind on my blogging. I am ashamed. But I am going to try to do a lot more writing on here! Do not fear! So here's my Thursday Thirteen, enjoy!

Thirteen Things I Like To Do To Relax!

1. Get a pedicure

2. Read a book

3. Get a message

4. Cook

5. Listen to music

6. Sit in a rocker on the front porch

7. Go for a walk

8. Read the Bible

9. Take a drive, not a hurried one

10. Play Spider Solitare

11. Watch a good movie

12. Go shopping

13. Talk to Josh

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Heather Smith said...

Good 13! I'm getting ready to relax! I'm going to bed!! Love ya! Check mine out on both sites!!

T-Ray said...

Join the Revolution

Heather Smith said...

Hey, I tagged you. Check out my funny site to see what I'm talking about!