Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Okay guys, I've been a bit busy with final exams (pray for me!!!) and getting ready for vacation, but here's my Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen Things I Need To Do Before Leaving For FLORIDA!!!

1. Take my Spanish exam tomorrow

2. Take my Biology exam next Tuesday

3. Finish a paper

4. Get a pedicure (I'm serious)

5. Pack

6. Buy travel sized shampoo, soap, etc.

7. Buy new flip flops

8. Get more batteries for my camera

9. Sell back my Biology book

10. Return my library books

11. Buy new razor blades

12. Go visit a few houses in the Parade Of Homes

13. TAN!

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Heather Smith said...

Hey girl! Sounds like you're just about ready! Have fun getting these last few things done! Love ya! Hey check out my 13's today. Both of them have caused controversy. Good grief! Love ya!

Heather Smith said...

When you get back from sunny Florida, you are officially tagged for a MeMe on my funny site. It called A,B,C,D MeMe! It's a fun one!