Friday, October 31, 2008

Once upon a time...

...I used to blog on this thing! So it has been quite a while, but this is yet another attempt to get back in the groove. First, let me give an update on me:

I am now married to Josh. We were married August 4, 2007. We FINALLY finished our house and moved in April of this year. I'm still attending UNCG and will be graduating next summer (WOOHOO!) with a degree in accounting. Josh and I still do not have any children. I could not imagine having children right now with everything that's going on! We do, however, have a great big dog that is my baby. His name is Otis. He is a Cane Corso (Italian) Mastiff. He's only 10 months old and weighs about 130 lbs! I'm not sure if I had mentioned previously that Josh is a mechanic, but if I have, it won't hurt to read it again. Well, he has now opened his own shop in Eden, Josh Smith Auto Repair, LLC. I'm now attending Dan River Wesleyan Church with Josh, and I love it. Everyone there just took me in when I came.

So that's my life for the past year in a paragraph.

I would like to say that I will be glad when this election is over. Back in December when there were still multiple people running for each party's nomination, I really got into politics. For the first time, I followed what was happening and halfway understood. My interest in politics has grown so much since then. However, I'm now burned out. I am tired of the ads, the new stories of corruption and lies, and trying to figure out why people think the way that they do. It is beyond me how anyone could think that murdering a child is okay. Shocked to hear that some think it's okay?? Abortions are happening everyday all over this country. I don't understand how someone can take a passage out of the Bible, that specifically says that homosexuality is an abomination of God, and decide that it's really not that bad. That it's okay. It's beyond me that anyone could believe that if we pull out all of our troops from Iraq, that everything will be fine and the war over. Well I've got some news for you: it may be over for a while, but not a long while. It won't be long before they're knocking on our door again. But then again, I guess the world would be boring if we all thought the same way. I will just be glad when we know when our next president is and we can all deal with it and go on. Either way the country votes, things are going to get worse. All we can do is pray that the people that are put into office are intelligent enough to make it a little bit more bearable.

I'll try to put up some more current pictures of our family soon!

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Heather Smith said...

yay you're blogging again! I agree with you completely, and I'm ready for all the adds to STOP!!