Monday, February 26, 2007

You wait just a minute...

Okay, before I begin, let me say that I have nothing at all against the elderly. With that being said, it is my experience that older folks can get a little touchy when you have to change their plans.

I am currently working in an eye doctors office. It is part of my job to call patients to remind them of their appointments, outstanding balances and the like. So when a doctor has to be out for some reason, I get to help call and break the news, ever so gently of course, that their plans have changed, whether they wanted them to or not. This is where the title of my blog comes in.

Of course there are many patients who are understanding, or who maybe aren't very happy about having to rearrange their schedules, but cooperate nicely and efficiently. Others, most of whom tend to be older, not so much understanding. Words like "Now you wait just a minute!" or "Well I have an appointment card that says..." and so on and so forth. Never mind the fact that the doctor is in the hospital having a baby or not even in town, they have made it their mission to get that doctor back in the office at the time specified on their appointment card.

There is one other scenario, however, that causes an opposite effect on the elderly. It is extremely entertaining to make reminder calls when snow or ice is in the forecast. Once again, let me stop to explain one thing. I completely understand the idea of safety first. I would never want anyone, regardless of their age, to have to drive in weather that they weren't comfortable driving. I won't even drive in bad weather if there's any way to avoid doing so. So when people simply say that they may or may not arrive for their appointment, this is absolutely understandable.

What gets me is when I hear that same line, "Now you wait just a minute!, as if they are the first to make our office aware that there's a 3% chance of a flurry. See, in this situation, our office stays open to accommodate our patients as much as possible. But when there's a sliver of a chance of winter weather, there is NO waiting to see if anything happens. CANCELLED!

This whole phenomenon of the elderly and their scheduling issues entertains me. They make me laugh!

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Sista Cala said...

The first part of your post dealt with the idea of the elderly being upset w/appt changes. Some of them may depend on others for transportaion; so your call in effect has generated some calling on their part. For some, it is no telling how much persuasion it took to get a relative to take them. Besides, they see it as you are to provide the service on their terms.....

As for the second part, they are still looking at the office visit as a service on their terms. Maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that they have a mentality of 'we have put in our time caring for others, now it is time for us to be served." Who knows?

I commend you on your patience w/the elderly. God will reward you for it.